Do Tenants have to be present for a Check-Out report when they move out?

The short answer to this is: No.

When tenants move out of your property, they don’t need to be around for the check-out. Instead, the check-out process is part of the formal ending of a tenancy agreement and inventory service.

The end-of-tenancy check-out means another inspection is carried out of the property to see if damage has occurred, items are missing/added or any maintenance needs to be carried out before new tenants move in. It could be done either by the letting agent, landlord or independent inventory clerk appointed by the letting agent or landlord. The point is to compare the property at the end of the tenancy with how it was at the start.

How is this done?

The easiest and quickest way to do this effectively is to use property inventory software. It’s an inventory service that aims to make it easy to complete inventory, inspection and check out reports on a mobile or tablet device with ease.

Property inventory software is there to help and guide an inventory clerk through this process so that nothing is omitted. In addition, the software is there to provide a start-to-finish solution using templates that will walk one through the report process.

With a history of reports there will be an inventory or check-in report created at the start of tenancy. The same property inventory or check-in should be accessible a check-out. Using this, the check-out report will compare the same categories on how everything looks at the moving-out stage. Differences can then be easily identified.

When is this done?

Usually, this happens either on the final day of the tenancy or after the tenant(s) have moved out. However, sometimes a tenant will return to attend the check-out to ensure for themselves that the report is conducted impartially.

Usually, this entire process takes 1-2 hours, depending on the property's condition and size.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the tenant is present or not. Whomever conducts the report, for example, an inventory clerk will still have to record factual information about the state of the property based on the facts and not be influenced by any other parties present at the check-out.

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Panos, 15 July 2022
Do Tenants have to be present for a Check-Out report when they move out?

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