Tools for New Landlords and Property Managers

Managing a property for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you find yourself landed with the task unplanned.

The standard recourse is to use a property management company. Also, there are many resources and sites that can help you manage the administration. One aspect is accurate and timely property reports. Again, these can be handed over to a management company or a property reports clerk but can equally well be done by yourself.

Condition Report Software

Conditions reports are an important step in renting out a property, which can help you to avoid disputes with tenants and contribute to a smooth handover. At Reports2Go, our free condition report software supports the full property lifecycle from inventory, check-in, check-outs and mid-term inspections. 

Some landlords choose to carry out this process manually, but this can be incredibly time-consuming and could lead to discrepancies. Our condition report features include:

  • An inventory report to be undertaken at the start of the tenancy, usually done a few days before the tenant moves in. 
  • Check-in is carried out with the tenant at the actual start of the tenancy and can involve minor adjustment and updates to the inventory report.
  • Mid-term inspections can be carried out to ensure that property is being maintained well and that the tenancy is compliant with the rental agreement. This provides a method for the tenant to relay any concerns about maintenance and the fabric of the building.
  • Check-out reports conducted at the end of the tenancy act as the ‘before and after’ comparison report.

Inventory Clerk App

It often was the case that to carry out an inventory for a property ahead of rental, an inventory clerk had to carry a pen, notebook and a camera to conduct a property inventory. Invariably this meant a great deal of work at the premises and then back at the office to compose the report. Report composition consisted of typing up written notes and then adding photographs from the camera into a Word document. Most clerks had to quote for a turnaround time measuring in days.

We designed our inventory clerk app on an iOS or Android device to remove the need for a clerk to physically record inventory with a pen, notebook and camera, which can be incredibly time-consuming. With this app, you can save a great deal of time capturing room descriptions and adding supporting photos with its intuitive design and specially crafted UX for landlords and property managers. 

On Board Dictation Software

To speed up the inventory and reporting process for properties, you can use dictation software to rapidly complete property inventory reports. 

When confronted with a room full of furnishings it makes sense to capture images of all the contents and then use the on board dictation to describe the articles and their condition. You can make corrections to small error which invariably occur there and then or after you have uploaded the media using the editor on the Reports2Go portal.

Accessing Reports

Once you have completed the reports, they are available on the portal as PDFs that can be forwarded to your tenants.

Dan, 26 November 2020
Tools for New Landlords and Property Managers

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