Audio Mode

Audio mode represents a similar user experience to the traditional method of using a camera and a notepad/Dictaphone to gather information for your inventory report. It uses the microphone built into your phone or tablet to record your dictated description.

We took this known, tried and trusted method and streamlined the whole process. Once your pictures and audio have been collected within the app this is delivered to our online portal for processing, the transcription can be then listened to and typed up using our online transcription tool or we can offer a transcription and QA process to save you all that time.

Our intelligent online portal automatically places the text, images and tags right into the document for you, so there is no more manipulating of slow Word documents.

Transcription services provided to us come with guaranteed return times of 48 hours, 24 hours and same day depending on the delivery option selected.

The pros of audio mode are, audio mode comes with a free 30 days of unlimited changes via the online editor to ensure you have time to get your report exactly right and this mode requires the least training if you’re switching from camera and a Dictaphone due to it’s familiar method of data capture.

Ben, 06 September 2018
Audio Mode

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