Our Check-out Report Software is the Real Deal

Let’s get to the good stuff straight - our epic check-out report software! Here's what makes it so awesome:

Key Features:

  • Work from anywhere - Web portal? Mobile app? No Internet? We've got you covered on every device!
  • Make it yours - Choose one of our pro templates or design your own to match your style.
  • Smooth operator - Our software connects seamlessly with platforms like Arthur®. Total workflow goals.
  • One Size Fits All - Doesn't matter if it's a regular rental, student housing, or an HMO - we've got a report for every property type.

Making Your Inventory Report with Check-out Report

Using our software is as easy as pie! Just follow these simple steps:
  • Decide if you want to use the web portal or mobile app. Whatever works best for you!
  • Pick one of our fresh templates or design your own. Make it as unique as you are!
  • Set the details of the type of property - address, whether it is a regular rental or student housing and any other important info.
  • Time for the fun part! Go room by room and write down everything you see. Did the previous tenants break anything or leave gross stains? Back up your comments it with photos!
  • Do not forget to check utility meter readings and note them down too.
  • Do you have any important codes, keys or instructions? Write them down so you do not forget.
  • Read through everything then finalise the report and share it with the new tenants!

All that is Happening in the Housing Market?

Staying up to date on the newest news is essential while working in real estate. Here's what experts have been saying recently:

Sales are Booming!
  • Rightmove recorded 16% more sales already this year compared to 2023
  • Home.co.uk saw a 14% yearly sales spike
  • Zoopla data showed 15% more properties went under contract

Overall, it's a pretty sunny outlook! Sales are up, prices are creeping higher and the pros seem optimistic. But buyers are being picky, and supply is still an issue in some areas.

With simple instructions, custom options, and rockstar support, you'll be a property inventory master! What are you waiting for? Give our check-out report a try today and experience the sweet, stress-free life of a prepared landlord. Your future self will thank you!

Panos, 24 May 2024
Our Check-out Report Software is the Real Deal

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