Make Property Reports Positively Painless with Reports2Go

Listen, the world of property management is constantly evolving. To stay competitive, you need to welcome innovation - and that's what Reports2Go offers. Property investors and property managers can use our app and portal to keep track of every detail of their property.

For property managers, these reports are crucial. They help you to:

  • avoid surprises
  • plan for upcoming maintenance and repair costs
  • protect the value of your assets
The real estate market is always changing. One minute things are hot, with properties flying off the shelves. The next, it's a total renter’s market with tumbleweeds rolling through empty listing pages.

People are talking about signs of improvement in the property market, with more economic activity in 2024 because:
  • mortgage rates are falling
  • wages are rising faster than inflation
  • the job market is strong.
The Bank of England is maintaining the interest rate at 5.25%. Experts anticipate a decrease later in the year, potentially boosting the property market. With a growing population, more economic activity and a building sector still behind the curve means a bigger rental market. Landlords and letting agents will be busier than ever creating property condition reports.

For landlords, comprehensive house condition assessments absolutely necessary to ensure proper deductions and return of security deposits. No tenant wants fees deducted without proof, and a solid report provides that proof if damages occurred beyond normal wear and tear. Conversely, tenants can feel confident their security deposit will be refunded appropriately with a thoroughly documented check-in and check-out report.

Home inspection reports build trust by showing you have nothing to hide regarding a property's status. Tenants can feel assured you are committed to transparency and maintaining a habitable living space.

A good condition assessment should include:
  1. General information about the property
  2. Interior condition
  3. Exterior condition
  4. Functional systems
  5. Photographic evidence
  6. Safety and Compliance
  7. Repair recommendations
  8. Additional notes and comments
Key features of the Reports2Go app include the ability to:
  • Capture high-quality photos with date and time-stamps and be able to annotate them
  • Create reports using both Text Mode and Audio Mode
  • Use an Intelligent Keyboard that will predict the right words from its inventory report vocabulary
  • Download the reports as a PDF
  • Maintain a detailed move-in/move-out checklist in a dedicated maintenance section
  • Streamline report delivery to all parties with a custom logo and Ts & Cs
  • And much more!
The best part is that you can create up to 5 reports for free by just signing up. After that, you can choose from the options of Pay-as-You-Go and unlimited weekly, monthly and annual Pay Ahead™ Plans. There are even low-user plans for those that don’t have many properties to manage.

Dedicating effort to accurate, well-documented condition reports is one of the hallmarks of a professional, buttoned-up property management operation. With the right app, you can simplify the entire process while protecting your investments, and relationships with tenants. In an industry where details matter, don't overlook this crucial aspect of protecting your assets.

Dan, 19 April 2024
Make Property Reports Positively Painless with Reports2Go

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