Doing an Inventory: Part 4 - Finishing Up

Now we’ve captured all the detail into our Reports2Go Inventory App. The media needs to be sent to the portal to be turned into the final report PDF. Before we get to that stage, we need to compete a few essentials. From the Menu tab you can access the Checklist.

Going through the checklist will ensure that you have completed all the necessary work. It will point out any rooms that you have created but have not added any photos or descriptions. You can delete any ‘empty’ rooms by swiping left. There are two surveys to complete: one for the overall property condition and the second for the straight of various appliances.

You might want to re-order the rooms, so they are printed in the final report in a more logical sequence. Also bear in mind that in any room, you can import your own pictures from your photo library.

Having settled the order of the rooms, sign off the report. The signature page allows you to enter your and the tenants’ signatures (if they are present!). If you want to get signatures on paper, you can! Paper signatures can then be imported into the ‘Documents’ section of the report as a picture with a tag of description, if required. The Documents section can also be a convenient repository for EPC, PAT testing, Gas Safety and so on.

If the Checklist gives you the all clear, you are now set to send all the media to the portal. An ‘Upload’ button should become visible. Just press it. Provided you have an internet connection the report data will start to be sent. It takes a minute or so for a typical 2 bedroom flat. Don’t close or move away from the app while the media is being sent.

There will be an acknowledgement on successful upload. You will also be sent a confirmatory email.

Login to the portal using the same credentials used to login to the app. Click the PDF icon on the row for your report. After a few moments, the report will start downloading to your machine.

It’s as easy as that!

Panos, 30 October 2020
Doing an Inventory: Part 4 - Finishing Up

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