What is a Check-In report?

In the world of Property Reports, a Check-In is vital. It basically sets start point of the tenancy, the groundwork for relationship between tenant and landlord.

Let’s run through what you can expect to find in your check-in report, why it’s there and what you should make sure you have in there.

The Basics

First thing’s first, these details must be included at the beginning of your check-in report.

  • The property being checked into
  • The date of inspection
  • The clerks details and contact information
  • Reference to any previous inventory that might be being referred to by the check-in

The last point needs some clarification. An inventory report can have been created a few days or even a few weeks before the actual tenancy starts or check-in is conducted. Some letting agents will use an inventory report to market the property between tenancies. Property reports follow a cycle: Inventory -> Check-in -> (possible Mid-term or Periodic inspections) -> Check-out.

Some landlords carry out the inventory on the day of the move and skip the Check-in process. This is not an ideal situation as often on the moving-in day the tenant will be busy, possibly stressed, with the move, and their belongings may already be in the property thus making it difficult to keep the landlord’s and the tenant’s belongings separate.
We recommend having an inventory ready-to-go before the tenancy commences and keeping the Check-in short and sweet.

So, what should the Check-in cover?

The Main Body

Assuming that an inventory exists and that the tenant has had sight of it, the Check-in is primarily a case of updating the details of the inventory:

  • Go through each room and update any missed items or changes in condition. For example, if the property has been vacant for a few weeks, even if professionally cleaned at the outset, dust may have accumulated on surfaces. The clerk may have missed a scratch or dent etc.
  • Update meter readings. Even in a few hours, meters move on and it’s vital to have accurate reading right at the start. With time stamped images, there is less chance of misunderstandings laterCheck and test all smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms

The Walk Through

Showing the tenant through the property is a great way to kick-off the tenancy on the right terms. Point out the stop-cock, location of the consumer-unit so in emergencies a simple act can prevent a drama.

Some landlords produce a ‘manual’ for the property which include, for example, emergency contact numbers and approved contractors/maintainers. It may also show how to operate the heating system and include instructions for other white goods that may be provided by the landlord. Also, there may be a suggested rota for the upkeep of the garden. All useful tips and suggestions.

A Check-in is the perfect opportunity to help the tenant familiarise themselves with the property.

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Panos, 27 May 2022
What is a Check-In report

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