Saying goodbye to a Tenant

It is time to say farewell to a tenant… here we go again. Whether it's a yearly occurrence or your long-term tenant has become a familiar friendly face, seasoned, or never before experienced, this process can be delicate.

When the time comes to say goodbye to a tenant, emotions can be mixed. They may have been a dream to rent to, with fantastic communication and little trouble. But, on the flip side, you may have counted the days until their move-out date. In either instance, taking even just an ounce of the stress away from this process is a sure-fire way to ease the intensity of a difficult transitional period.

A fantastic way to lessen the weight of your duty as a landlord, and to give your tenant the peace of mind of a neutral party, is to outsource the check-out report.

Your check-out report will ideally include the details of the end-of-tenancy inspection and inventory check.

This idea of damage due to pets is very subjective based on your own experience with pets and pet training. Undeniably, when young, pets make messes and mistakes. However, as they get older and under the right supervision and guidance, pets can turn that all around, becoming as well-behaved as they can be trained to be.

It will cover:

  • Round-up of the Contents
  • Comparison (before and after)
  • Check of Alarms, Meter readings
  • Repairs and Maintenance Required

Using software to aid with this can be a handy tool to tackle Check-Out like a pro… but if they were long-term tenants sent straight from heaven… some flowers and a card won't go amiss too!

Quick turnaround, or just like the idea of an even-handed third party? Use a Free Inventory and Check-In reports too. Giving yourself peace of mind over the Check-Out process without the excitement of the Check-In being managed just as efficiently? Don't be silly.

Give yourself and your new tenants the gift of efficiency with an Inventory and Check-In so easy that it’s almost effortless.

Tip: Impressing your tenants with this efficacious process is likely to get you recommendations, which will help you in the future with the speedy transition to another fresh tenant.

Whether you are in the throes of a sparkling check-in or murky check-out operation, making your life easier is a no-brainer. However, the best way to soften and still the anxiety or annoyance of this process is to alleviate some responsibility. Outsourcing redistributes this responsibility, and inventory software is a great place to start.

Our website offers great advice on topics landlords, letting agents, and tenant’s alike encounter. What’s more we have solutions for your inventory service requirements!

Checking in? Checking out? Check with us. We can help.

Gary, 23 September 2022
Saying goodbye to a Tenant

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