The Facts and Figures of Mid-Tenancy Reports 2024

Simply defined, a mid-tenancy report assesses the state of a rental property periodically through the tenancy agreement.

The Importance of Regular Checks

  • Catch issues early on before they become costly repairs
  • Ensure tenants are maintaining the property per their agreement
  • Identify areas requiring a bit of care from either party
  • Develop a record of the property's condition over time
  • Establish rapport with the tenant
So, what gets checked during one of these mid-point inspections? Everything, basically:
  • Interior Condition - Walls, floors, fixtures, appliances, you name it
  • Exterior Maintenance - Landscaping, outdoor areas, structural components
  • Potential Hazards - Fire, electrical, plumbing, you get the drift
  • Cleanliness & Upkeep - Unless you like living in shambles
  • Tenancy Compliance - Making sure rules are being followed

The Process
  • Schedule the visit well in advance with all parties
  • Use robust property inspection app or software
  • Take tons of photos to document every aspect
  • Be thorough, be detailed
  • Discuss any issues with tenants then and there
  • Provide the mid-tenancy reports to all relevant parties afterwards

Advantages for Landlords
  • Protects your investment through proactive maintenance
  • Enforces lease terms and responsibilities
  • Helps maximise rental income between tenancies
  • Reduces liability through documented inspections
  • Fosters positive landlord-tenant relationships

The Digital Solution
  • Mobile apps allow instant documentation via text, date and time stamped photos
  • Build a custom survey for your specific requirement
  • Cloud-based software compiles all reports in one secure place
  • Integration with tenant portals enhances communication
  • Data provides insight into historic property performance

Our App + Portal Package:
  • Create comprehensive reports on any device
  • Handle the entire report lifecycle seamlessly
  • Customise with your branding & terms
  • Pay per report or choose an unlimited plan
  • No commitments, cancel anytime
  • Free training & unlimited support

Overall Market Insights

Let's take a quick pulse on the UK housing scene:

Rightmove reports a 0.9% rise in average new seller asking prices. notes a 0.2% increase in asking prices since last month but a slight decrease year-on-year.

Nationwide observed a 0.7% month-on-month rise in UK house prices in February.

The main takeaway? The housing market is in recovery mode after a slower spell. Both prices and transactions are trending upwards thanks to renewed buyer and seller interest this year.

So, there you have it - the pooled, unabridged version of what's shaking in UK property land.

Gary, 17 May 2024
The Facts and Figures of Mid-Tenancy Reports 2024

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