App supporting the full property report lifecycle.

Use dictation or text input. Transcribe yourself or leave it to us to transcribe.

Generate high quality reports completely FREE! using text input.

iOS/Android app that allows you to capture details of a property quickly and accurately.

Reports Types

4 types you can choose from


Inventory reports are some of the most important documents related to your rented property. They are extremely important for successfully claiming back your deposit when you leave the property.
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At check-in, the inventory should detail the current state of the property, including descriptions, age and condition of the fixtures, fittings and furnishing. This helps landlords and letting agents compare the state of the property at check-in.
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The check out report is a key element for the end of the tenancy agreement. This report is a self-evident document, containing written and photographic elements, which describe in details the status of the property and all the appliances inside it before the tenant moves out.
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We aim to make periodic reports as easy as possible with clear and accurate reports tailored to meet their needs.
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Text Mode

Text mode allows you to create reports for FREE! Get instant turnaround. Type your descriptions using the built-in predictive keyboard using our specifically designed Intelligent Keyboard Engine ™ technology. This know about inventory terms and prompts you helpfully to create accurate descriptions. Use your device’s voice recognition if you prefer.


Audio Mode

Utilise the power of dictation. You can choose to self-transcribe or take let us type up the report for you. We allow unlimited audio description we charge per bedroom.

  • Text Mode

    Fast and adaptive text based capture allows for fast turnaround reports and simple one person creation.

  • Intelligent Keyboard

    Smart keyboard predictions tailored to inventory reports save you time and provide helpful hints.

  • Maintenance Section

    All items added to the maintenance section of each room are displayed in one place to save you time back at the office.

  • Audio Mode

    Use dictation and transcription to capture precise descriptions and conditions.

  • Surveys

    Simple form based surveys show quick and concise conditions at a glance.

  • Appliance Section

    Form style appliance conditions are compiled into one place for easy reviewing.

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